Zildjian 18' FX Series Oriental Trash Reviews 5

I love this trash cymbal. I don't want to jump to the conclusion of my review, but I had to start it this way. This is the third china/trash cymbal I have on my collection and it's definitely the one I like the most. Once again, this is a cymbal that found me instead the other more obvious way. It was laying around for a couple of years in this club I used to rehearse with my band, after no one claiming its ownership.

You will find this cymbal for a price around $250. It's for sure, money well spent.


Round, bright, defined and explosive. It's all I always wanted from a china cymbal. Its sound it's just incredible. It's a cymbal with the perfect amount of presence and quality. I've read reviews about this cymbal having a short decay and I must disagree with that. Its powerfulness is well reflected on its sustain.

This is a cast bronze cymbal made by Zildijian. It has a brilliant finish. Its thick construction makes it very durable.

Look no further if you want the best trash sound there is. You will fall in love with this explosive, round and defined sounded cymbal. It might seem expensive, but it's worth every penny.

mtebaldi rated this unit 5 on 2010-06-01.

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