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You must confess, even if you are not a drummer, every time you enter a drum store, while you or your friend are looking for buying something, I'm certain that you will seat in one of the kits and play a beat, specially if you are lucky enough to see some sticks laying around. That's pretty much the story of how I found out about the Zil-Bel. While waiting for an order of drumheads to be ready, mounted on a DW kit, the Zil-Bel grabbed my eye. A singing bowl, this was the first thing that came to mind when I struck it. If you don't know what a singing bowl is, google it. In the east, they are played while mantras are being chanted, but in the west, they are mostly used for decoration only, unless you are Tibetan buddhist practicer.

I believe I paid an amount of $100 that day, 4 years ago. You'll find this very unique cymbal for a little over that, around $130. Also, you might find stores giving you this cymbal for free when you buy a drum kit or a cymbal package.


Think about a cymbal that gives a sharp high-pitch attack, much like the bell of most ride cymbals, with a big loud and almost infinite resonant decay. That's exactly what made me fall in love for the Zil-Bel. I do believe you need to use it tastefully, since overplaying it can be overwhelming. As its label says, Sound Effects, that's its main purpose.

Depending of your point of view, its very qualities it can be its defects. Nothing that some muffling cymbal techniques couldn't help.

Consisted of a very thick layer of cast bronze with brilliant finish, this 9,5' bowl shaped cymbal is pretty much indestructible.

Emitting bright, loud and musical tones, this is a must have cymbal for your sound effect library.

mtebaldi rated this unit 5 on 2010-05-19.

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