Zildjian ZBT 18' China Reviews 4

The ZBT line is the most affordable of all Zildjian inventory. This cymbal was gifted to me 4 years ago. I find use for it once in awhile on my recordings. I've always been a big fan of china sounds. You can't play a heavy groove without one. Since its explosive but not overpowering presence, I still think its sound can blend really well with my kit.

You can find this one in the market for only $80 bucks. It is a great deal for having a china with descent sound and you can beat the hell out of it. It's perfect for beginners.


This 18' china has a darker, but very explosive and open sound comparing to other chinas of same size.

For being made of a thin bronze layer its sustain is pretty short, it's attack is less defined and the overall sound is a bit dry.

This is a brilliant finish 18' china cymbal made from a thin sheet of bronze. It's durability is not great, but for its price is defnitely worth it.

If you haven't had a china before, this one can be a good start. You will get dark, open and short china tonalities from this cymbal.

mtebaldi rated this unit 4 on 2010-05-30.

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