Zildjian ZBT Pro Cymbal Pack Reviews 3

Gretsch Drummer rated this unit 4 on 2005-01-02.

Getting back into drums from a 10 year break was not easy. Things have canged. I recently bought a 2003 model, Pearl Export series 6 piece set. I needed cymbals to go with it and wanted zildjian. I use to own a 16" rock crash, 14" rock hats and a 20" rock ride. Great cymbals. The salesman told me the ZBT pro's were the best for the value. 189.00 and you got 14" hats, 16" crash, 20" ride, and a free china boy!! and a free cymbal bag. I was sceptical and asked if they were better than earlier zildjian cheapies (Simitar Series to be exact) he said no. So I bought 'em.

The price and the free china cymbal and bag. Very shiney looking. Thats it!!!

I set the kit up right when I got home. I was so excited to play after 10 years. Got it all ready and started off with a simple bass, snare and hat beat. I cringed when I hit the closed hats. I then adjusted the bottom hat angle hoping it would get better. Nope, worse. I could have gotten better sound from 2 cookie sheets on top of eachother. I then hit the crash...Oh man...even worse! My son has one of those cheap jr. sets and his cymbal sounded better, no joke.

They have only 3 things going for them, 1. Zildjian name. 2. shine nice 3. Round and made from metal. Every thing else stinks.

You get what you pay for. Just don't waste your time. I went back the next day and returned them. I then bought 14" Quick beat hats, 16" projection crash and 21" medium ride. I spent about 500 bucks. Well worth it. Try the cymbals out BEFORE you buy. If your budget does not allow, get the sabian b8 cymbal pack. They sound great for the price.

Birth of the Beat! rated this unit 1 on 2003-08-16.

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