Zildjian ZXT Titanium 18'/45cm Medium Thin Crash Reviews 5

Well, I picked up this cymbal up at the Long and Mcquade music store. I was looking for a decent upgrade from my pathetic Planet Z crash/ride (sorry if your a Planet Z fan, the regular crash is kinda decent). This was about $130 Canadian.

What I really love about this unit is the crisp, solid sound it gives off. Its got alot of power in it and its got a flashy look to it too.

There isn't really much I don't like about this unit except that the bell seems a bit weak when played on, but even it isn't bad at all.

At least for kind of music I play, this is the ideal cymbal buil for me. Its top quality gear for a decent price, I definitely recommend this for beginners and intermediate drummers.

Like I've said before, this Medium crash is a great upgrade from most cymbals, I'd say either go for the ZXT series or the ZBT for a good upgrade that'll last you a long time. I bring this baby everywhere I play, and it still sounds like new. Get one ;)

Nathan Kwok rated this unit 5 on 2004-06-05.

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