Zildjian Zildjian A Custom 13-inch Hi Hats Reviews 4

Although not having purchased them yet, these Zildjian hats are currently priced around $315. Their price can vary a few bucks more or less depending the retail outlet.


The Zildjian A Custom quickly fulfilled my need for finding a great electronic-sounding hi hat. High and tight attack, bright and crisp and very short sustain. Just exactly I was looking for. These hats also fit well in a variety of music genres such as funk, RnB and jazz.

Because of its construction characteristics, heavy-hitter drummers might want to avoid this one since they are somewhat fragile compared to their bigger diameter cousins.

Those looking for light, high, crisp and short hi hat sound will need to search no further. These hats produce a very defined stick when closed and a very gentle sizzle when played open. Recommended to Jazz and electronic musicians alike.

mtebaldi rated this unit 4 on 2011-07-19.

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