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After seeing Fab Dupont demo these plugins on their website I told myself I had to have them. Been using these for a week and must say these are some of the best plug ins I now own.

I really just wanted the EQ but after seeing all of the plugins demoed I wanted them all. I desperately wanted a new EQ plug in and Limiter. When I added the price up ala carte I decided to look into just getting the whole bundle. I got these from Sweetwater at a student discount price of $630, which is %50 the normal cost.

The EQ is extremely smooth, flexible, and will now put my Waves R-EQ's on the bench. The reverb sounds great and having early reflections as a separate engine as well as EQ makes it only better. The Dynamics section features a gate, expander, compressor, limiter, and analog warmth all in one plugin. The inflator make your track louder without increases the signal level, its truly magical. I use it on everything including the whole mix. The transmod lets you control the attack of transients. The Surpresser is a De-esser on steroids. Most featured filled De-esser you will ever use. The limiter can control peaks and is very transparent.

No dislikes. The EQ could a have a freq analyzer, and maybe it does I just haven't figured out how to turn it on. Though if it did I'm sure it would be on by default. Besides that no complaints at all.

n/a software

This bundle will definitely step up your plugin game. I see myself using at least 5 of these plugins on every mix I do for now on.

Czar rated this unit 5 on 2010-09-08.

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