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It is this brilliant CD Rom that loads on your PC or Mac. It teaches music reading, scales, modes, chords, song writing and lead guitar. It also covers how to get session and band work since it was written by a session player. I have been playing for years but never come across anything quite like this. After going through the programme for a few weeks my playing has dramatically improved. I can play in any key, read music and have even started to write my own songs. Brilliant. I would recommend it to anyone. It comes with a money back guarantee (not that I would ever send it back).

Nothing to fault really.

Comes in a wallet with registration card. It comes with lifetime e-mail support from the creator. I have e-mailed him twice and got a reply back the same day.

I have spend hundreds of pounds on guitar tuitonal products that promised a lot but never delivered. At last I have found something that teaches me to play my own music rather than blindly copy other peoples. I would recommend this to anybody who wants to play better.

Paul B rated this unit 5 on 2003-06-02.

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