Get Great Deals & Service With American Musical Supply

( | Posted 2011-01-01)

Get Great Deals & Service With American Musical Supply recommends American Musical Supply for your musical instrument shopping needs. AMS has been serving the musician community since 1996 and provides the following benefits:

  • Free Shipping
  • 3 to 5 Easy Payments with 0% Interest
  • 12 Month Extended Warranties
  • Guaranteed Lowest Prices
  • 45 Day Money Back Guarantees
  • Chat Live 24/7 With Experts
  • Email and Phone Support
  • VeriSign Secured and BizRate Certified
  • Gear Wish Lists
  • Reviews and Tech Tips

    and more! Visit AMS today for your music gear needs:

    From Wikipedia:

    American Musical Supply (AMS) is a musical instrument retailer and wholesale supplier based in Midland Park, New Jersey. Its web site is ranked as one of the top 500 retail web sites by volume by the journal Internet Retailer. American Musical Supply began as the catalog and Internet division of a Bergen County music business named Victors House of Music. When Victors was purchased by competing retailer Guitar Center in 2007, the former owners retained control of AMS and continue to operate it as a mail order and web business.


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    Purchasing musical instrument related equipment online is an easy, efficient way to ensure you are finding the best price or sale to fit your needs. Often times you may find really cheap equipment online, but are unsure of the quality or service associated with that equipment. With AMS, you can rest assured that you are getting the utmost in quality service. Additionally, AMS guarantees the lowest price possible, so even if you can find an item through a verified online retailer for less, AMS will work with you so that you can get the best deal possible, as well as all the benefits of working with AMS for the sale.

    AMS stocks the latest guitars, bass guitars, drum sets, percussion equipment, recording gear, software, accessories, live sound and PA equipment, keyboard, DJ, and Karaoke equipment available. The AMS website also features reviews and tech tips.

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