EAW NT Series Takes Global Marketplace By Storm

(Press Release | Posted 2006-09-26)

EAW NT Series Takes Global Marketplace By Storm

Since first shipping last year, the ground-breaking EAW NT Series self-powered loudspeakers with “Gunness Focusing" DSP technology, have made huge strides into the global professional audio market. Not surprisingly, the U.S. marketplace has quickly taken to the advantages presented by EAW’s NT Series for both live-portable and installed applications.

“What we’re seeing in virtually every situation is that once a customer hears NT Series loudspeakers, the discussion is over. A simple demo is worth a thousand words,” notes Jamie Anderson, EAW Brand product manager. “And this response hasn’t been limited to a single market. The NT Series is exceeding expectations across a wide range of applications, including live, corporate, fixed installs and clubs. Its uses seem to be limitless.”

For example, Ace Audio, a growing regional sound company in Connecticut, recently added a six-box (four mains, two subs) NT Series rig to its inventory, and it’s been deployed non-stop. “NT is something really special. The first time I heard these loudspeakers, I had to have them, and my six NT boxes have stayed busy almost non-stop since they arrived,” explained Ace Audio Owner/Chief Engineer Mike Goodreau. “It’s a premium system, but one that can pack easily into a van, with enough output to do a decent-sized event, and it’s truly plug and play – the system sets up in minutes and needs absolutely no EQ. Now that’s a true value for a sound company.”

Further acclaim can be cited by the fact that the NT Series has been nominated for a prestigious 2006 TEC Award in the “Sound Reinforcement Loudspeaker Technology” category, as well as taking “Best Sound Product” honors at the 4th Annual Club World Awards held earlier in 2006 and sponsored by Club Systems International magazine.

Meanwhile, NT Series continues to be specified and installed in mission-critical applications such as handling all sound reinforcement coverage needs for a new system recently commissioned at the prestigious Bainbridge Island (Washingon state) Performing Arts Playhouse, a purpose-built live entertainment venue.

“NT Series loudspeakers are really flat, almost to a surprising degree – even a die-hard fan of a competitor in the demo process had to admit that he was impressed,” stated Brad Walker of Flamingo Audio, which specified the new system. “The processing really takes care of everything – matching the drivers to the amplifiers, the crossover slopes, and even driver-alignment delay. Everything in them is absolutely purpose built to work optimally with each other.”

In addition, nearly 200 NT Series systems have already gone to customers throughout Europe; from Spain, France and Italy, to as far as Norway, Iceland and Latvia to name but a few. These systems have been installed into a huge variety of applications. According to EAW international sales manager, Sean Martin, reaction to the new technology has been nothing short of euphoric.

"What's amazing about the NT Series is that in almost every case, it inspires people sufficiently for them to ring us up to tell us how pleased they are with the product. Habitual EAW customers are used to dealing with high quality product, so they don't necessarily call us up to say thank you every time we sell them a KF760 system because they already know what they're getting. NT Series is different – without exception, customers are blown away by how good it sounds, and are genuinely pleased to tell us about it."

Martin also noted the sheer variety of applications in which NT has been deployed. In Norway alone, NT has gone into both a house of worship and the National Theatre in Oslo, while in Latvia, an NT system was put through it's paces at a jazz festival, "An ideal application in my opinion, as jazz buffs are notoriously finicky about sound quality!" quipped Martin. NT Series systems have also found their way into government buildings, performing arts centers and educational establishments as well as to certain rental companies.

Perhaps one of the most interesting applications in Europe is at the Culture Lab, a multi-application, multi-user digital media facility that forms part of Newcastle University in the UK, whose aim is to enable the development of new digital technologies for solutions to arts, humanities and social science research problems. A comprehensive NT system, along with a Mackie TT24 digital mixing console, was supplied for Culture Lab's live performance space. Newcastle University's John Ayers who specified the system explained that given the huge diversity of applications for which it would be used, flexibility and superlative audio quality were of paramount importance.

"We required something that could go from being a classic sound reinforcement system to being a creative part of a complex electro-acoustic production,” Ayers noted. “That meant that each component had to sound as good individually as the sum of the parts. Nothing else came close to NT."

"I think John's reaction sums it up perfectly," added Martin. "There’s currently nothing else on the market that can touch NT in terms of audio fidelity, added to which it's lightweight, compact and self-powered. I think that we can look forward to great success with this product, and with future products that will benefit from the same technology, for many years to come."

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