Paiste 2002 Paperthin (16" - 18" - 20")

(Paiste | Posted 2006-10-03)

Paiste 2002 Paperthin (16" - 18" - 20")

The 2002 Paperthin Crashes were born as a very natural idea. Similar to the 2002 Thin Crashes, our sound development team wanted to see what an even thinner 2002 crash does, how it speaks, feels, and reacts to the stick. Smooth as silk, fragile like thin crystal glasses, the Paperthins release a powdery shimmer yet they are dark with a discreet level of strength. Simply put: the Paperthin is a beauty in itself!

Perfectly suited for pop, studio, percussion/hand playing applications, or acoustic musical settings, this cymbal fits any style of light music as well as classical musical applications. For suspended cymbal use, the mallet rolls on the 20" Paperthin do certainly sound as convincing. The results reveal a mysterious yet smoky underlining presence paired with an overlapping layer of balanced mid to high-pitched overtones and followed with the classic brilliant decay that only the 2002 have.

When the request for a lower volume cymbal comes up in your band, don't grab your roll of duct tape. Consider the new 2002 Paperthin crashes!

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