AMS Neve Releases CineFile Version 2 Software

(AMS Neve | Posted 2006-10-17)

AMS Neve Releases CineFile Version 2 Software

AMS Neve has announced a new CineFile software release, Version 2. The new version introduces several enhanced features to the company’s flagship hard-disk-based purpose-built, expandable dubbing, recording and editing system targeted at the mixing theater, broadcast, recording and multi-track music markets.

CineFile Version 2 allows multiple projects to be open at the same time and permits instant movement between any of the open projects, making it possible to edit, play or record. It is also possible to cut and paste between any open projects, greatly enhancing capabilities, especially as far as overlaps between film reels are concerned. Version 2 allows comprehensive editing of tracks within a project, including fades, slicing across tracks, cut and paste editing, audio slip and insert/remove stock.

CineFile offers direct Pro Tools® compatibility by natively playing and recording both Macintosh® and Windows® format Pro Tools 5 session files (later versions of Pro Tools encrypt sessions to limit interoperability, but all versions can save and load Pro Tools 5 files). CineFile Version 2 also maintains native AAF and OMF compatibility, enabling the user to work on such files without an import/export operation. In fact a Version 2 CineFile session can support all these formats simultaneously, for example allowing Pro Tools music stems, OMF dialog and AAF effects stems to be played and manipulated simultaneously during a mix.

For additional functionality and to enhance familiarity for users of other systems, CineFile supports the mapping of standard transport and edit functions to keys on a regular PC keyboard, including support for templates providing Pro Tools and Nuendo key-mapping. This will help new users who are accustomed to other systems to get up and running with a minimum learning curve.

AMS Neve CineFile emulates a standard VTR controlled via the Sony 9-pin control standard, allowing it to be handled by any standard synchronization system and slaving to LTC.

About AMS Neve

Founded in 1961 the Neve name is one of the most famous in the international audio industry, with the company’s custom-crafted British-designed and hand-built mixing consoles, both analog and digital, being recognized for decades as the standard, sought-after sound in top recording studios, broadcast facilities and sound stages in every corner of the globe. AMS, similarly, has an extensive pedigree stretching back to some of the world’s first digital processing systems and the earliest hard-disk-based recording and editing systems. In 2005 AMS Neve was acquired by SAE, the world’s leading music and recording technology educational organization.

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