AudioTek Paves Way for the Future with New XTA DP424 Audio Management Systems

(XTA | Posted 2006-10-29)

AudioTek Paves Way for the Future with New XTA DP424 Audio Management Systems

XTA Electronics, leader in sound reinforcement, digital signal processing and speaker controller systems, announces that ATK AudioTek, one of the foremost sound reinforcement providers in the professional audio industry, has taken delivery of 16 new XTA DP424 Audio Management Systems. The DP424 is one of the advanced technology platforms in XTA’s remarkable DP4 Series of digital loudspeaker control systems.

ATK AudioTek will employ a total of 16 DP424 controllers to add flexibility, enhanced sonics and improved user interface to its array of two-way systems. These compact yet powerful systems, typically comprised of fill-type speakers and stage monitors, are used extensively for national and network broadcasts of event programs. The very first use of the DP424 as the primary controller for such a system was at the Miss Teen USA broadcast this August. ATK AudioTek has also supplied audio services for the American Music Awards, Billboard Music Awards, GRAMMY® Awards, Academy Awards®, Emmy® Awards, Miss America Pageant, Miss Universe®, BMG Music Distribution Conventions, Sony Music Conventions, and both the Democratic and Republican National Conventions in 1996, 2000 and 2004, as well as hundreds of other television productions, special events, industrial conventions, permanent installations and tours.

“This is our first encounter with the DP424 and we’re very much looking forward to integrating it into our inventory and our systems,” says Scott Harmala, CTO and Vice President of Engineering at ATK AudioTek. “We’ve been using the XTA DP224 controller — of which we have over 70 units — and other XTA products for years and they are all great performers. These purchases reflect the growth we’re experiencing in the demand for our two-way systems, and the addition of the DP424 is a clear upgrade for them. It’s a real step up — the additional filter options and other performance enhancements are noticeable and significant. There’s a lot of other controller systems out there on the market, but we like XTA best and we see no reason to change that.”

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