R/H Factor Finds the New Genelec DSP Series is the "Great Equalizer" for a Multi-Room Audio Post Facility

(GENELEC | Posted 2006-11-03)

R/H Factor Finds the New Genelec DSP Series is the "Great Equalizer" for a Multi-Room Audio Post Facility

R/H Factor, a leading independent audio post house in Hollywood with TV credits including Boston Legal, My Name Is Earl, Ally McBeal, CSI, Boston Public and Mr. Sterling, as well as numerous independent feature films, has acquired two sets of the new DSP Series Genelec 8200 Bi-Amplified Monitor and 7200 Subwoofer systems. These highly advanced monitoring systems from Genelec, the leader in active monitoring technology, have been installed in both of R/H Factor's two sound mixing stages and were immediately employed mixing audio on hit shows including Boston Legal and My Name Is Earl. The new Genelec monitoring systems join Genelec 1031A, 1030A, 1029A and 7070A speakers that are also used in all five of the facility's dialog editing and SFX suites. Each dialog editing suite has a pair of Genelec 1029A monitors, and all SFX suites have Genelec 1030A monitors. The result is that R/H Factor continues to be an all-Genelec audio post facility featuring consistent -- and consistently great - monitoring throughout the studio.

The Genelec 8200 Bi-Amplified Monitor system employs the company's proprietary DSP (Digital Signal Processing), GLMTM (Genelec Loudspeaker Manager software) and AutoCalTM (Automated Calibration software) technologies, which together create a self-calibrating monitoring solution that both guarantees accurate audio and ensures a steady-paced workflow. "The ability to quickly calibrate these speaker systems means we and our clients always know that we have the absolute flattest monitoring environment possible and the work moves right along," says Dave Rawlinson, Co-Owner of R/H Factor. "Their DSP-based calibration capability means we can also move them throughout the facility, if needed, knowing they'll adapt themselves to any room that they're in giving us a tremendous amount of flexibility."

Rawlinson says it made perfect sense to continue the facility's long tradition of Genelec monitoring. "Everyone on the staff here loves the new Genelec monitors," remarked Rawlinson. "You could call them the 'great equalizers' because they make certain that any room they're in is accurate and that we have consistent monitoring throughout."

Craig Hunter, Co-owner of R/H Factor, commented, "I want to hear the truth, and Genelec is the only monitoring system that lets us do that. That's the only way we can give our clients the absolute best sound for their shows."

The Genelec Loudspeaker Manager (GLM) software is a sophisticated computer program (Windows XP or Mac OS X platforms) providing the necessary connectivity/control for all loudspeakers on the GLM Control Network. Genelec's automated system calibration software, AutoCal, combines decades of acoustic research along with the company's proprietary DSP and GLM network control. AutoCal supplies the industry's first integrated process for complete automated measurement, analysis and adjustment of every speaker on the network to correctly integrate and maximize each speaker within the mixing environment. As a logical extension of the 8000 Series Active Monitors, Genelec has utilized sophisticated digital signal processing in the 8200 Bi-amplified Monitors and 7200 Subwoofers to allow for all standard AES/EBU formats of digital audio. The 8200/7200 Series will accept sampling rates ranging from 32 kHz to 192 kHz. The 8200 Series will also accept traditional analog signals and perform with all the features and benefits of Genelec 8000 Series products.

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