Marantz Professional PMD670 Solid State Recorder Wins Best of Show Award at Podcast and Portable Media Expo

(Marantz | Posted 2006-11-11)

Marantz Professional PMD670 Solid State Recorder Wins Best of Show Award at Podcast and Portable Media Expo

At the second annual Podcast & Portable Media Expo, Marantz Professional, a division of D&M Professional, took home top honors for its PMD670 Solid State Recorder during the convention's 2006 "Best of Show" awards. The PMD670 was selected by a committee of attendees in the category of Best Mobile Podcast Recording Device (over $500). The "Best of Show" awards recognize outstanding products, software and services for creating and consuming podcasts and other portable audio and video content. The Podcast & Portable Media Expo is the premier industry event that brings together influential podcasters, media, corporate executives and device makers to cover the complete range of business objectives for podcasting and portable media.

Brian Gorman, Marantz Professional Brand Manager, stated, "We are extremely proud to be acknowledged by the attendees of the Podcast & Portable Media Expo for our PMD670 Solid State Recorder. Marantz Professional has always had the goal of creating market driven products that are a direct result of listening to our customers' needs. This award underscores that philosophy and everyone at Marantz Professional greatly appreciates it."

About the PMD670 Solid State Recorder: The PMD670 Solid State Recorder employs easy one-touch digital recording to Compact Flash cards or microdrives, and has non-stop recording with up to 6 hours of battery life (AA batteries). The PMD670 also features a built-in microphone with Automatic Level Control (ALC), over 40 assignable quality settings, menu-driven remote operation, and an EDL marking system for creating new files on-the-fly during the recording process for easy file selection during playback. To ensure the ultimate in reliability, the PMD670 has no moving parts and is compatible with MP3, MP2, WAV and BWF formats. Users are able to transfer files directly to a computer in minutes and are assured of a high-quality recording thanks to the built-in lock down panels that secure the recording setting switches and media door from accidental changes in the field.

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