BOSS Sponsors Guitar Hero II

(Boss | Posted 2006-11-17)

BOSS Sponsors Guitar Hero II

BOSS is proud to announce its sponsorship of Guitar Hero II, the sequel to the wildly popular video game Guitar Hero. Guitar Hero is a music video game developed by Harmonix Music Systems and published by RedOctane, featuring a guitar-shaped peripheral (resembling a miniature Gibson SG guitar) as the primary controller to simulate the playing of an electric guitar.

“BOSS is pleased to be associated with Guitar Hero II,” says BOSS U.S. Vice President Paul Youngblood. “We have wanted to reach out to the gaming community for a few years now, and since musicians are into life-style, the inclusion of real brands like BOSS into the experience will help transfer that feeling and energy to the gamer.”

BOSS also donated prizes to RedOctane and MTV’s “Be A Guitar Hero II” competition, which challenged Guitar Hero users to create a unique video of themselves playing Guitar Hero. The winner, announced during the annual broadcast of Gamer’s Week (Nov. 13-17th) on MTV, will receive an entire real-world music studio loaded with gear.

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