Marshall Offers Limited Edition 100 Watt MG Half-Stack

(Marshall | Posted 2006-11-21)

Marshall Offers Limited Edition 100 Watt MG Half-Stack

Marshall announces a limited run of its 100 Watt MG100HDFX Head and matching MG412A 4x12" cabinet, which are now available covered in red vinyl and sporting basket weave grille cloth on both the cab and the head baffle. The limited edition pair, known as the MG100HDFXR and MG412AR, is available for the same price as the standard half-stack. Only 1000 will be available in the U.S., starting immediately, with suggested list pricing as follows: MG100HDFXR -- $569; MG412AR -- $450.

Additional MG100HDFXR features:

Two independent footswitchable channels -- Clean and Overdrive (each with two modes)
Parallel FX loop
Built-in DFX and Digital Reverb, designed to eliminate the harsh-sounding, artificial "grain" often associated with digital effects
CD input
Emulated Line Out & Headphone jack
Contour control in the Overdrive channel's EQ network for fine-tuning mids
FDD (Frequency Dependant Damping) button which emulates the feel and sound of a tube power amp

About the MG412AR:

Angled front 120 Watt, 4x12", 8 Ohm cabinet
Loaded with custom-voiced Celestion 12" speakers

--For more information, please contact Marshall Amplification USA, 316 South Service Rd, Melville, NY 11747. Tel: (631) 390-6500; Fax: (631) 390-6501; Web:

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