BEHRINGER Adds to Wireless and Speaker Lines

(Behringer | Posted 2007-01-28)

BEHRINGER Adds to Wireless and Speaker Lines

MONITOR SPEAKERS 1C-WH 2-way monitor loudspeakers are ideal for stereo and surround applications such as fixed installations, home recording studios as well as audio and video production and surround-sound systems.

Features of MONITOR SPEAKER 1C-WH include:

- High power handling capability
(100W/IEC26805) that produces full-range output with extremely low distortion
- 5 1/2" woofer with a lightweight cellulose cone and a high-resolution 1/2" tweeter
- Ultra-linear frequency range from 60 Hz to 23 kHz
- Phase-optimized and high-precision crossover for absolute phase linearity
- Auto-overload protection prevents tweeter damage and resets automatically

ULTRALINK UL2000B UHF True Diversity beltpack/headset system utilizes 320 transmission frequencies and users can operate up to 20 wireless systems* simultaneously.

Other features include:

- True Diversity technology and proprietary antenna design for long range, enabling signal reliability and freedom of movement
- Wide audio bandwidth for signal integrity
- High-performance IRC compander
- Headset microphone featuring a Panasonic condenser transducer
- Auto-mute function automatically eliminates noise caused by switching channels or powering the transmitter on/off

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