One of the Grand Masters of Podcasting Relies on Marantz Professional PMD660 Compact Digital Recorder

(Marantz | Posted 2007-02-03)

One of the Grand Masters of Podcasting Relies on Marantz Professional PMD660 Compact Digital Recorder

Rob Walch, President and Founder of Podcast 411, one of the world’s leading podcasting educational sites, and co-author of the book Tricks of the Podcasting Masters, chose the Marantz Professional PMD660 Compact Digital Recorder for his podcast work. The PMD660 is perfectly suited to the needs of podcasters, offering professional sound quality in a compact, lightweight unit that’s highly reliable and simple to use.

Walch launched in late 2004, and each week podcasting fans have heard him interview a wide range of business, political and entertainment celebrities including Vice Presidential candidate Senator John Edwards, Battlestar Galactica Executive Producer Ron Moore, and journalists Walt Mossberg from the Wall Street Journal and Larry Kudlow from CNBC. In addition to the 178 podcasts he’s done himself, Walch has helped countless aspiring podcasters with educational services from his site, and he provides podcasting services to a wide range of companies and organizations, including New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson, and the California Organization of Police Chiefs and Sheriffs. Walch makes exclusive use of the Marantz Professional PMD660 Compact Digital Recorder.

“I use the 660 for all of my field work and even some of my studio work,” says Walch, who learned of the PMD660 just as he was starting Podcast 411 from — appropriately — a review on a podcast. “The 660 is small but it has great sound and a lot of features that create a podcast with a professional edge, such as the fact that you can use XLR microphones and that the 660 has its own internal phantom power. It fits easily into my laptop bag on the road, and since podcasters rarely have their own crews, the fact that I can monitor using headphones gives me an enormous amount of confidence in the recording that lets me concentrate on the interview. It’s a great piece of technology for podcasting.”

The “hand-held” PMD660 Solid State Recorder features portable, battery-powered operation. It offers a choice of recording uncompressed WAV files at 44.1 or 48 kHz, as well as 64 kbps mono or 128 kbps stereo in MP3 format. An optional 1 GB flash card holds over an hour of stereo or 3 hours mono of uncompressed audio (recording at the rates specified above), while the unit itself can operate for up to 4 hours running on 4 standard AA batteries. Furthermore, the PMD660 has built-in stereo microphones, XLR connectors with +48V phantom power, and is compatible with an optional RC600 wired remote that attaches to most any microphone to supply Record/Pause control, track marking and peak metering from the mic position.

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