Roland Ships MV-8800 Production Studio

(Roland | Posted 2007-02-13)

Roland Ships MV-8800 Production Studio

Roland is now shipping the new MV-8800 Production Studio: a new standard in production power and flexibility. With powerful hands-on features, realtime BPM matching, a fully-loaded sound library, a host of modern and vintage effects, CD-burning and mastering capabilities and an ability to incorporate a VGA monitor and mouse, this new studio brings the best of the hardware and software worlds together under one hood.

The new flagship MV-8800 is a fully equipped sampler and synthesizer with parameters that can be edited and automated with the assignable sliders and/or with an optional VGA monitor and mouse. It’s also an advanced multitrack recorder equipped with an automated 24-channel stereo mixer and mega effects processor. Mastering tools are provided as well, including a parametric mastering EQ, enhancer, expander, multiband compressor, mastering limiter, and soft-clip algorithm with output dithering.

Realtime BPM matching allows producers to synchronize hundreds of loops, hits, or vocal phrases at once by simply tapping the tempo into the MV. With the new MV-8800, creating loop-based tracks on the fly, all locked together in perfect pitch and time sync, has never been so easy.

The MV-formatted sound library that’s preinstalled on the hard drive allows users to start composing right out-of-the-box. Over 50 newly created drum kits are provided, including a special collection of 16 vintage drum machines including the legendary Roland TR-808 and TR-909. Acoustic and electric pianos, strings, guitars, horns, synth basses, and other essential instruments are also included.

An incredible lineup of modern and vintage effects is built into the MV-8800, including models of classic Roland SRV reverbs, SDD-320 Chorus, 325 Flanger, Boss BF-2 and HF-2 pedals, and the legendary RE-201 Space Echo. The MV8800’s multi-effects processor includes an Analog Modeling Bass that turns the MFX engine into a virtual SH-style bass synthesizer. All MFX knob tweaks can be automated as you mix.

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