Robert Fripp Uses Eventide to Explore Interplanetary Sounds

(Eventide | Posted 2007-02-16)

Robert Fripp Uses Eventide to Explore Interplanetary Sounds

Legendary guitarist for King Crimson, Robert Fripp, uses two Eventide H8000s in his self-dubbed ‘Solar Voyager’ guitar rig for touring. The musician/composer has been touring with a wide range of musicians and musical projects, including Porcupine Tree and Slow Music, and is currently on tour in Japan.

Fripp has been using Eventide products in his traveling rigs since 1992. Fripp originally began with an H3000 processor, then moved to two H3500 processors before upgrading to H8000 processors. Currently, Fripp uses two H3500s and two H8000s to form the essential signal processing core of his ‘Solar Voyager,’ guitar rig.

Fripp now attests that his unique Soundscape performances rely completely on Eventide processors. “The H8000s are astonishing pieces of kit. I have no idea how they do what they do, but I’m grateful that they do it. My professional life could not function without Eventide.”

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