Mapex Introduces Black Panther "SS" Solid Steel Snare Drum

(Mapex | Posted 2007-02-22)

Mapex Introduces Black Panther "SS" Solid Steel Snare Drum

Mapex has introduced the SS Solid Steel Snare Drum to its Black Panther Series. The SS Solid Steel model is a unique drum that originates as a 14-inch steel pipe. The pipe is cut to 5.5 inches in length, creating the raw material for this very unique 14x5.5 snare drum.

The 5mm thick shell material is routed on the inside to a thickness of 3mm at the center of the drum leaving a 5mm “sound control ring” at each end of the shell. A striking criss-cross pattern is routed into the outside of the shell and then the drum is plated in black chrome. Matching black chrome hardware and die cast hoops are then added.

The result is the 17.3lb Black Panther SS Solid Steel model. Mapex claims that the attack achieved by this drum is greater than any other Black Panther model ever offered.

“This drum is capable of extreme volume no matter the tuning register,” explains Joe Hibbs, Mapex Product Manager. “The secret to this drum is the sound control rings routed into the inside of the shell. While this is the loudest drum you’ll likely ever play, it’s never out of control. You can have incredible volume without sacrificing tone.”

The drum was given a test run at the 2006 PASIC convention, when Will Calhoun used is during his clinic. “Wow!” exclaimed a wide-eyed Calhoun as he struck the snare for the first time. What the heck is this thing?”

He then lifted the drum and immediately noticed it’s heft. “This thing is incredible,” exclaimed Calhoun, who then proceeded to entertain a room of 1,500 with his Saturn Set equipped with the SS Solid Steel Model. He added after the performance, “I’ve got to have one of those, I can do most anything with that drum.”

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