High-Powered Peavey VB-2™ Tube Bass Amplifier Delivers Snarling to Sparkling Valve Tones

(Peavey | Posted 2007-02-24)

High-Powered Peavey VB-2™ Tube Bass Amplifier Delivers Snarling to Sparkling Valve Tones

—Peavey proudly introduces the VB-2, a new Tour™ Series bass amplifier head with all-tube preamp and power sections and active EQ with multi-frequency mid adjustment. The VB-2 is built around a tube power section that utilizes six EL34 tubes to deliver its stunning 225 watts of power. By adjusting the Clean Gain and Overdrive Gain controls on the footswitchable Clean and Crunch channels, respectively, players can dial in tones ranging from the snarling grit of rock and metal to the weighty thump of old-school dub and reggae to clean, punchy hi-fi—all while delivering the necessary “cut” to maintain a strong bass presence in live performances.

Backing up the amplifier’s tube growl is a 3-band EQ that combines the best attributes of passive and active tone controls. This section includes high and low controls, as well as a mid control with a four-position midrange selector switch that allows players to set the mid-frequency shift at 200, 400, 600 or 800 Hz.

Peavey’s patented Resonance and Presence controls, which adjust the damping factor at the low and high ends, respectively, along with a three-way speaker impedance selector, enable players to match the VB-2 to virtually any bass speaker enclosure. A footswitchable mute/tuner circuit and front-panel effects loop give players additional flexibility.

The Peavey VB-2 will be available from authorized Peavey retailers in Q2 2007.


• 225 watts of all-tube power from six EL34 pentodes
• Clean and overdrive channels with footswitch selection
• Custom-designed, oversized power and output transformers
• Impedance selector switch for 2, 4 and 8 ohm loads to match any bass cabinet
• Two parallel speaker output jacks
• Two shielded 12AX7 dual triode preamp tubes
• Shielded, 12AT7 cathodyne phase splitter for increased power amplifier dynamics
• Ceramic tube sockets
• Inputs for passive and active basses
• Tuner send jack
• Footswitchable mute/tune switch with flashing LED indicator
• Bright switch
• Three-band active EQ with four-position mid-shift switch
• Front-mounted, series effects loop
• Resonance and Presence damping controls
• Balanced, XLR direct output with ground lift and pre/post EQ switch
• U.S. MSRP $1099.99

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