Digigram chooses Audiopole to offer Digigram-based solutions to the French market

(Digigram | Posted 2007-03-01)

Digigram chooses Audiopole to offer Digigram-based solutions to the French market

Digigram, a world leader in PC audio interfaces and innovative networked audio devices, has announced the appointment of French pro audio specialists, Audiopole, as their new distributor in France with effect from February 1st 2007. Audiopole is one of France's premier distribution operations with a number of prestigious brands already numbering in their portfolio including Focusrite, Genelec, Turbosound, Studer, Beyerdynamic, ClearCom and Allen & Heath to name but a few.

Digigram's CEO and President Philippe Delacroix is confident that this new partnership will continue to reinforce the company’s presence in the fixed installation market in France in addition to providing an avenue into the broadcast market: “A significant part of Digigram's product range is aimed at the broadcast market, therefore it is imperative that our distributor is also operational in that market sector," observes Delacroix. "Audiopole, in addition to their activities in the live and fixed installation markets, also has a dedicated broadcast department, which clearly makes the company a very strong distribution partner for Digigram. However, beyond that we were also looking for an interface with the market to provide application solutions, and Audiopole specializes in that domain."

Bruno Bertrand, President of Audiopole, is in complete agreement. "At Audiopole we prides ourselves on our ability to offer solutions, not just products. The addition of Digigram and EtherSound to our catalogue will enable us to supply far more global and far-reaching solutions than was previously possible, which is a very exciting prospect. The networking possibilities offered by EtherSound, in particular the audio quality that is now achievable over a network, have far-reaching implications in all markets, but we're particularly looking forward to implementing the combination of Digigram/EtherSound technology in the broadcast industry where we feel there is real potential to revolutionize current practice."

Digigram has already established a global network of best-of-breed technology and distribution partners to expand and promote the market for digital audio solutions. The Digigram Reseller Network is a select group of Digigram authorized resellers and distributors trained to provide localized sales and support of the company’s cutting-edge product line.

About Digigram

Digigram digital audio solutions are key to the success of broadcast and public address companies worldwide. We develop innovative networked audio devices, computer sound cards, and audio management software.

Digigram Powered solutions are installed in thousands of corporate and commercial sound installations; radio and television stations; and audio recording and video post production facilities around the globe.

Customers are served from three regional business units: Digigram S.A. (Digigram Headquarters, Grenoble, France) serving Europe, Latin America, Africa, and the Middle East, Digigram Inc. (Arlington, VA USA) serving North America, and Digigram Asia (Singapore) serving Asia and Australia/Oceania. Digigram is publicly traded on the Paris stock exchange.

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