Architectural Acoustics Debuts New Prolinx™ Audio Processing & Control DSP

(Press Release | Posted 2007-03-11)

Architectural Acoustics Debuts New Prolinx™ Audio Processing & Control DSP

Architectural Acoustics, a division of Peavey, proudly introduces Prolinx, a fully programmable DSP audio processing, routing and control system for installers. Expanding on the robust capabilities of the Digitool®, Prolinx supports I/O matrix configurations from 12 x 12 to 96 x 36. The Prolinx DX is the heart of the expandable, programmable Prolinx processing system and a versatile new tool for managing audio systems. The DX model can operate as a self-contained system at 12 x 12 I/O, but users can increase the total number of inputs/outputs to 96 x 36 by connecting additional EX and/or DX units. Built on 32-bit parallel SHARC processors, the Prolinx DX has a total of 1,320 MIPS allocated to input and output processing and an additional 400 MIPS of processing reserved for signal generation, frequency analysis and general communications.

Prolinx is fully configurable from the front panel using the high-resolution LCD display and controls. The front-panel LED signal indicators also function as momentary programmable controls. USB, Ethernet and RS-485 jacks provide easy configuration, monitor, control and upgrade.

Features include room combining; true automixing; wired or wireless networking; graphic EQ at each output; and 12 mic/line inputs with 48-volt phantom power. The 2RU chassis includes a quarter-VGA LCD front panel display with programmable I/O indicator switches.

The Prolinx EX is an expander unit adding another 12 x 12 matrix with mic/line inputs. Each EX unit adds 660 MIPS of processing power. Both the EX and DX models utilize the Linx System backbone for processing and I/O expansion.

Contractors are encouraged to contact their Architectural Acoustics representative for more information. Features and specifications are subject to change without notice.

Prolinx DX (shown)
• 2RU chassis with quarter VGA LCD front-panel display and programmable I/O indicator switches
• 12 low-noise mic/line inputs with 48-volt phantom power
• 12 outputs with switchable balanced or unbalanced modes
• 96k samples/second system sample rate, <1 msec latency
• Processing and I/O expansion through Linx System backbone
• Front-panel USB connects to PC, flash drive and PDA
• Ethernet connection provides for wired or wireless networking, TCP/IP addressable LAN connector
• RS-485 support for external controllers (wall controls, etc.)
• Special audio features include true automixing and Graphic EQ at each output
• Control features include real-time control, scene changes and arbitrary control grouping to support room combining
• System setup and instrumentation functionality
• Upgrades to include exclusive Feedback Ferret® and KOSMOS® processing
• Made in the U.S.A.

Prolinx EX
• 1RU chassis with 12 programmable indicator switches
• 12 low-noise mic/line inputs with 48-volt phantom power
• 96k samples/second system sample rate
• Full power input processing DSP
• Provides input expansion to DX through Linx System backbone
• Made in the U.S.A.

Architectural Acoustics® is a division of Peavey®, one of the largest manufacturers of professional audio equipment in the world. Peavey holds more than 130 patents and produces more than 2,000 products, which are distributed throughout the United States and to 136 other countries. Architectural Acoustics brings reliable power, audio routing, room combining and more to thousands of airports, stadiums, theme parks, churches, shopping malls, government facilities and other venues around the world. To find out more about Architectural Acoustics, visit

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