HIP Hop Legend RZA Gets Real with Rolad MV-8800

(Press Release | Posted 2007-03-16)

HIP Hop Legend RZA Gets Real with Rolad MV-8800

Last week Wu-Tang Clan's chief producer, RZA (aka the Abbott, Prince Rakeem, the Rzarector, and Bobby Steels) visited Roland Headquarters in Los Angeles, CA to visit with the Roland team and talk about Roland's latest all-in-one production studio--the MV-8800. Released in January at the Winter NAMM show in Anaheim, the new MV-8800 is the new standard for production power and flexibility.

World-renowned phenomenon RZA has been a long-time fan of the MV product line and was an early adopter and advocate of the technology.

RZA relates, "To really get your feeling across you have to be able to touch something. You really have to be able to touch it to express it. If you want to make something original, something fresh...you need hardware. My weapon of choice right now is the Roland MV."

Roland product manager Vince LaDuca says, "RZA's rugged and unique production chops have been imitated, but never duplicated. We're thrilled and honored that the Roland MV technology plays such a pivotal role in his work. He represents what we're all about. Taking chances. Pushing the envelope. Challenging the norm. We can't wait to hear what the next project will sound like."

For more information about RZA and his MV visit www.rolandus.com and check out the his interview at Roland Headquarters.

Roland is a world leader in the design, manufacture, and distribution of electronic musical instruments, professional audio equipment, multimedia products, and music accessories. For more information, contact Roland Corporation U.S., 5100 S. Eastern Ave., P.O. Box 910921, Los Angeles, CA 90091-0921, www.RolandUS.com.

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