Digigram showcases LX6464ES EtherSound sound card at NSCA Expo 2007

(Digigram | Posted 2007-03-17)

Digigram showcases LX6464ES EtherSound sound card at NSCA Expo 2007

Digigram, a world leader in PC audio interfaces and innovative networked audio devices, is taking advantage of the NSCA trade show to showcase the LX6464ES EtherSound PCI network sound card. Having successfully completed six months of rigorous field-testing by a number of audio professionals in different domains, the LX6464ES is now shipping.

Capable of transmitting and receiving 64 EtherSound channels, the LX6464ES is a highly versatile sound card that provides a bridge between a wide range of computer audio applications and the channels of a EtherSound network. The card includes both DirectSound and ASIO audio driver support, allowing it to easily interface with existing audio applications.

In addition to the high channel count, audio passing through the LX6464ES benefits from the inherent quality and ultra-low latency of an EtherSound network. Furthermore, the device incorporates the latest EtherSound ES100 upgrade, which enables users to design redundant ring topologies for a completely fail-safe network. Should the ring experience any form of fault or failure, the audio and control data will be automatically redirected in the opposite direction for seamless and transparent operation. LX6464ES provides the ideal solution for a wide variety of applications.

For example, legal recording in a courtroom or parliament, where there is a need to record many channels securely and simultaneously throughout a building. For hotels, conference centers and other multi-room venues, the LX6464ES offers the ability to play back 64 mono or 32 stereo music programs and announcements from one central PC. Combined with Digigramís ESControl, Visiblu or AudioManager software, audio solution providers can build custom applications for audio routing, distribution and network management.

In a live environment, the ability to receive up to 64 channels from an EtherSound-ready mixing console and record them directly to a computerís hard disk for mix-down at a later date offers both a cost-effective and a high quality solution for multichannel recording. Furthermore, such a recording can cut down on soundcheck times by playing back an archive of a previous show exactly as it was heard in the auditorium. This enables the engineer to complete most of the soundcheck themself, with the artists only having to be present for the finishing touches.

EtherSound-ready consoles are currently available from Allen & Heath, DiGiCo, InnovaSON, and Yamaha. LX6464ES is a perfect example of Digigram's ongoing commitment to the development of innovative EtherSound products for all professional audio markets including commercial audio, touring, installed sound, recording and broadcast.

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