Rain Recording Announces Nimbus Audio

(Rain Recording | Posted 2007-05-03)

Rain Recording Announces Nimbus Audio

Rain Recording announces the newest addition to its desktop lineup, Nimbus AS1, a powerful and upgradeable audio computer for the musician on a budget. Starting at just $1299.95 (749), Nimbus is everything you need to record, edit and playback your music. The base model comes standard with dual-core processing, fast 667MHz RAM, dual SATA II hard drives and tons of room to grow.

Nimbus is a revolution in design and configurability. The sleek scissor doors and top USB/FireWire ports provide easy access for audio peripherals and drive bays while the all aluminum construction keeps internal components passively cool and quiet. And, when it comes time to upgrade, the well-organized interior is ready for action with room for 4GB of RAM, 2 Terabytes of hard disk space and 3 PCI slots.

"I'm excited to introduce a new system that empowers the up & coming artist to take matters into his own hands and create something incredible without breaking the bank on studio fees." Says Bill Paschick, President of Rain Recording. "We received so much feedback from those folks and I'm proud to say we listened, learned, and delivered."

Shipping with the venerable Windows XP operating system, Nimbus is also ready to roll with Vista, a no-cost option if you're ready to switch to Microsoft's newest OS. And, the new AS1 is optimized to work easily and efficiently with all popular audio hardware and software like Pro Tools and Cubase.

Nimbus represents a new generation of Rain Recording digital audio workstations designed to provide cost-effective performance and upgradeability.

Nimbus AS1: Price $1,299.95 (749)

More information at: http://www.rainrecording.com/products/nimbus

About Rain Recording

Located in Ringwood, New Jersey, Rain Recording builds PC systems and peripherals optimized for high-performance audio applications, including recording, mixing, mastering, and DJ production and performance. With a passionate, "no-compromise" attitude, Rain's experts in audio and computer technology work closely with leading software and hardware manufacturers, and rigorously field-test Rain systems in their quest to provide the best experience possible for those using digital audio on the PC platform.

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