New Squier Vintage Modified Series Guitars!

(Squier | Posted 2007-05-19)

New Squier Vintage Modified Series Guitars!

Squier’s cool new Vintage Modified Series Strat® and Tele® guitars are all about four big Vs—vintage style, amazing versatility, killer vibe and awesome value. And like the name says, all four of these babies have not only the whole vintage thing going for ’em, but also hot-rodded modifications such as custom pickguards and finishes, gloss-finished maple necks and hot-sounding Duncan-Designed™ pickups. It’s the best of Fender® styling and design, with a few flashy twists.

Just check out the Squier Vintage Modified Strat and its chop-shopped humbucking counterpart, the Vintage Modified Strat HSS. On the Tele side of things, behold the sonic splendor of the humbucking Squier Vintage Modified Tele SH and mini-humbucking Vintage Modified Tele SSH, with their chop-shop hardware and reversed control plates.

All four are customized classics at a price that can’t be beat. Vintage. Versatile. Vibe. Value. That’s the Squier Vintage Modified Series.

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