Keep the Beat Digitally With Yamaha YDD-60

(Yamaha | Posted 2007-05-20)

Keep the Beat Digitally With Yamaha YDD-60

Yamaha continues to blur the lines between technology, creativity and musical fun with the debut of the YDD-60, the latest addition to the line of Yamaha DD Series digital electronic drum machines. The Yamaha YDD-60 has a number of built-in features that will appeal to the beginner, the casual musician or even the serious player, regardless of age.

Highlights include a new streamlined design and eight touch-sensitive drum pads that can be played with drumsticks or the hands, providing endless options for expressive performance.

The ultra-realistic sonic palette includes 50 pre-programmed drum kits, 100 pre-set songs, Master EQ, reverb and 230 voices including a number of orchestral and "world" percussion sounds that can be assigned to any pad. A "hand percussion mode" brings both the sounds and the feel of international percussion to your fingertips (literally), and adds even more realism when playing with the hands. Users can record up to five original songs (up to 10,000 notes) and view song information on the LED display.

The YDD-60 can be enjoyed through the onboard, bass-ported stereo speakers, or through the privacy of headphones. The package also includes drum sticks and a pair of foot pedals that can be assigned to kick drum, high hat, or any other voice. AUX IN, personal USB MIDI and General MIDI I/O connections allow the YDD-60 to interface with computers or other MIDI-compatible instruments, and allow the user to download up to 373k bytes of song data from the Internet.

"The Yamaha YDD-60 brings the sounds and feel of a full-sized, professional grade electronic drum kit, as well as a collection of world percussion instruments, into a package that anyone, of any age, can literally play right out of the box," says Ron Martino, marketing manager, Yamaha Consumer Products Division. "But despite its compact, lightweight size and super simple user interface, the YDD-60 is not a toy it's a serious musical instrument, and a springboard to musical creativity."

The YDD-60 operates on six size C batteries, or via the included AC adaptor.

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