Nady Introduces New Powered Subwoofers

(Nady | Posted 2007-05-29)

Nady Introduces New Powered Subwoofers

Nady Systems recently introduced 2 new powered subwoofers—the PSW 18A and the stereo powered SSW-15A. Both of these new models pack a powerful punch and were developed using the expertise of both professional sound engineers and working musicians. As a result, they offer top performance, flexibility and rugged construction despite their remarkable affordability.

The PSW 18A sub powers an 18" internal speaker and features 1200W; maximum SPL of 123DB @ 1M; balanced XLR and 1/4" inputs; 2" voice coil; 20-500Hz response (adjustable); 600W peak power rating; durable black carpet cover; and integrated recessed carrying handles for easy handling.

The SSW-15A powers a 15" internal subwoofer speaker and 2 external 2-way speaker cabs (not included) using its 3 internal amplifiers—300W RMS for the subwoofer and 2 x 160W RMS for the 2-way speakers. Features include separate volume controls for all 3 outputs; a passive low-pass filter; separate left and right balanced 1/4" TRS inputs and parallel outputs; a roadworthy cabinet with carpet covering; recessed handles; and speaker stand inserts on top.

Both subs are now available and shipping.

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