Roland Releases New MV-8800 Synth Patches

(Roland | Posted 2007-06-03)

Roland Releases New MV-8800 Synth Patches

Roland is proud to announce the release of a new set of synth patches for the popular MV-8800 Production Studio. Available for a limited time only, this new set of over 50 synth patches for the onboard MFX Analog Modeling Bass Synth includes ambient textures, leads, and deep synth basses for anyone wishing to add low end punch to their tracks without the need to load any sample-based instruments.

Roland Product Manager Vince LaDuca states, "Since 2003, Roland has been carving its own niche in the music production world with our successful MV Production Studio line. The original MV-8000 earned us respect in the community and proved to the world that we have what it takes to compete in this competitive arena. This year, we stepped up our game with the MV-8800 and added many software and hardware enhancements to the mix in response to industry and studio demands. This new bass synth offering is one of many sound sets that we'll be releasing to the MV community. The MV-8800 will continue to evolve with the industry."

The bass synth patch collection can be downloaded from a link on Roland's MV-8800 product page at In addition to the new bass synth patch set, Roland also offers a complete series of 16 free MV-8800 online workshop documents at

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