VOX AC30 Is a Necessity For Patrick Stump Of Fall Out Boy

(Vox | Posted 2007-06-04)

VOX AC30 Is a Necessity For Patrick Stump Of Fall Out Boy

Pop-punk power quartet Fall Out Boy hit the ground running with their 2005 major-label debut LP From Under The Cork Tree. Singles like "Sugar, We're Goin' Down" and "Dance, Dance" quickly took the album double platinum and gained Fall Out Boy a GRAMMY® nomination for "Best New Artist" in 2006. The band has recently released Infinity on High, which reached number one on the Billboard Top 200 in its first week.

Self-taught musician Patrick Stump contributes to Fall Out Boy's hit-making formula with his killer vocal skills and solid guitar elements. As the band spent more and more time in the studio, Stump began noticing that the VOX AC30 was ubiquitous. "Everybody had an AC30," Stump marvels. "It's one of those things where if you're going to record, it's a necessity to have an AC30!"

Stump now has his own VOX AC30, and its unique, classic tone offers the perfect counterpoint to bandmate Joe Trohman's guitar parts, giving Stump a unique presence in the mix ranging from soft and sweet to cranked and crunchy. "The clean has a really warm tone, but [the AC30] can also multi-task," he explains. "As a clean amp, it does a lot at once. As a dirty amp, I think it's a really great lead amp, which is made very obvious by Brian May and all the other great guitar players who have used it. There is a song on the new record ["The Take Over, The Break's Over"] that was pretty much made and conceived on an AC30. That song totally relies on the sound of the amp."

Infinity on High brought Fall Out Boy artistic collaborations with a variety of top producers, including Babyface, Timbaland and Neil Avron, who produced their previous LP, and also suggested that Stump make the AC30 sound his own. "If anyone taught me anything about VOX, it was Neil," he says. "It's like the number-one recommended guitar amp for a studio."

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Patrick Stump has joined the expanding VOX artist family, with other recent additions including Jim Adkins of Jimmy Eat World; Tom Keeley of Thursday; Joshua Cain and Justin Pierre of Motion City Soundtrack; Nick Wheeler and Mike Kennerty of The All-American Rejects; Michael Zakarin and Sam Endicott of The Bravery. The Newsboys; Team Sleep; Train; Nickelback; Bob Rock; Joel Kosche of Collective Soul; Pete Anderson; and Omar Rodriguez-Lopez from The Mars Volta.

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