Line 6 is Now Shipping TonePort GX™

(Line 6 | Posted 2007-06-26)

Line 6 is Now Shipping TonePort GX™

Line 6, Inc., the industry leader in guitar amplifier and multi-effects modeling, is now shipping TonePort™ GX, the latest addition to Line 6’s acclaimed TonePort™ family of audio recording interfaces. The compact new TonePort GX is sleek, striking and stripped-down, but this palm-sized powerhouse offers professional-grade 24-bit audio recording, 96KHz sample rate support, and over 100dB signal-to-noise ratio, along with rock-solid drivers supporting its fast and widely compatible USB audio connection.

Boasting the unrivalled amp, cabinet and effect models of POD®, TonePort GX promises expert tone and hassle-free, low-latency recording making it a surprisingly affordable, and fun-to-use package. Small enough to clip to a guitar strap, TonePort GX is designed to let any guitarist enjoy portable recording on their laptop with ease.

A single 1/4-inch input accommodates guitar, bass or microphone. (XLR inputs require an adapter) Users will need to install the included GearBox™ software in order to access all the finely crafted guitar and bass models, and Line 6’s exclusive ToneDirect™ Monitoring technology virtually eliminates the annoying problems of latency during recording. TonePort GX works with most recording applications including Ableton® Live, GarageBand, Logic®, Cakewalk®/Sonar, and others.

Director of Product Marketing for Line 6, Erik Tarkiainen claims “TonePort recording interfaces turn your computer into a state-of-the-art recording studio, and TonePort GX is the easiest and most affordable way to take it with you.”

TonePort GX MSRP: $89.99

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