Marantz Professional Shows New CDR310 Professional CD Recorder

(Marantz | Posted 2007-07-05)

Marantz Professional Shows New CDR310 Professional CD Recorder

Marantz Professional exhibits the new CDR310 Professional CD Recorder. As the undisputed leader in professional compact disc recorders/players since 1992, Marantz Professional expands on the success of its innovative and popular Portable Digital Recorder family with the CDR310, making full-featured CD recording technology available in a sophisticated portable format. The CDR310 offers convenient long-term recording in uncompressed and MP3 formats, and provides a long list of the features most demanded by the professional market, including optional battery operation for up to four hours.

The CDR310 is capable of handling a project from beginning to end, with built-in microphone preamps with XLR connectors and 48V phantom power for use with external condenser microphones, a built-in high-quality microphone for maximum convenience and portability, and the ability to record for hours, then finish the final project to the built-in CD burner, all within one lightweight, compact unit. The burner can create both audio discs, for instant playback on any CD player, or data discs for transfer to a computer or for archiving purposes. Battery power capability — using AA batteries, or the optional RB1651 rechargeable battery — allows for up to four hours of remote operation without an external power supply, while support for both uncompressed audio and MP3 file formats provides flexibility and long record times.

The CDR310 incorporates several groundbreaking features not previously available. Background Record Mode enables recording to always be active, as an ongoing backup, even when the CDR310 is in Pause Mode. Recording can also be active in Pre-Record Mode for up to 10 seconds with the recorder stopped. This ensures that the CDR310 never misses capturing a critical audio event. Easy One-Touch recording makes operation simple, even under challenging circumstances. Analog line-level inputs and outputs and S/PDIF-format digital inputs and outputs allow connection to a wide range of professional audio equipment.

The Marantz Professional CDR310 Portable Digital Recorder is ideal for government agencies, law enforcement, documenting boardroom meeting, broadcasters, and professional system installers, in a wide range of critical applications. It is available at a U.S. MSRP of $1049.

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