American Audio "Hears" DJs Requests With Introduction Of New EB 700 Pro DJ Earbuds

(American Audio | Posted 2007-07-07)

American Audio "Hears" DJs Requests With Introduction Of New EB 700 Pro DJ Earbuds

Earbuds are all the rage among musicians today who require high-quality on-stage personal monitoring systems, and lately DJs have been asking for them, too. American Audio has “heard” this demand and breaking new ground with the introduction of the EB 700, comfort-fitting earbud-style headphones designed specifically for professional DJs. The company also has added to its existing HP line of traditional headphones with the new HP 200 and HP 900 models.

Earbud-style headphones offer numerous advantages over regular headphones and floor monitors, as they allow greater on-stage mobility and provide much clearer sound at safer decibel levels - not to mention the neater look they provide. American Audios new EB 700 powered earbuds provide all this, plus a fit thats so comfortable DJs might forget theyre even wearing them.

“Our EB 700 earbud-style headphones give DJs an attractive new option that will heighten their monitoring abilities and help raise their performances to new levels,” said Tom Freret, national sales manager for American Audio. “Until now, earbuds have been used primarily by performing musicians who want to hear a clear, feedback-free monitor mix from anywhere on stage. With the EB 700s, DJs can get in on the action and start enjoying these same exact benefits while theyre spinning tunes on the job. Its exactly what theyve been asking for, and were proud to deliver.”

The EB 700 Pro Earbuds offer extended bass response and are powerful enough to provide great sound even in areas with high levels of ambient noise. Their compact design and handy carrying case make them perfect for the working professional, but theyre also great for personal use with MP3 players and laptop computers.

The EB 700 Pro Earbuds carry an MSRP of just $129.95.

In addition to American Audios new EB 700 Pro Earbuds, the companys popular HP Series of headphones has been extended to include the new HP 200 and HP 900 models.

The entry-level HP 200 is a comfortable, lightweight pair of basic headphones with a compact, flexible housing design that folds up for easy transport. The headphones feature high output for clear sound in any environment, no matter how noisy. And they include a mini plug with a right-angle 1/4” adapter for added flexibility. “Now, with the HP 200, entry-level DJs can enjoy the same great American Audio sound quality in a super-affordable pair of headphones,” Freret said. “And for experienced pros, they also work well as backup headphones that you can keep right in your gig bag at all times.” HP 200 headphones carry an amazingly low MSRP of just $24.95.

The HP 900 is the new top-of-the-line model, with an MSRP of $129.95. These professional-quality, high-performance headphones come with an extra set of ear pads, so you wont have to buy a whole new pair when the original pads eventually wear out. They feature a removable cable that screws on and off securely, and they include a 1/4” angled connector as well as a straight 1/4” gold connector for greater versatility and noise-free operation. The HP 900 also includes a semi-hard transport case outfitted with a shoulder strap and an internal pocket for connector storage.

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