Learn the Art of Remixing with New Pro Tools Accelerated Videos

(EMI | Posted 2007-07-14)

Learn the Art of Remixing with New Pro Tools Accelerated Videos

Whether you’re new to Pro Tools® or looking for some great remix tips, you can get a complete tutorial on remixing music in our latest Pro Tools Accelerated videos series, “Remixing with Pro Tools.” This new series is comprised of 10 videos that walk you through the entire music remixing process — from laying down the rhythmic foundation to adding the final touches — and features the hit song “Prepare for the Fight” by The Lovemakers (who also happen to be Pro Tools users) in the various mix stages.

Part 1: Building the Rhythm Bed — With just a guitar part and vocal track to start with, learn how to create the rhythm tracks using Strike™ and Xpand!™.

Part 2: Further Developing the Rhythm — Learn how to incorporate samples into your mix using Digidesign® Structure™, build new rhythm tracks, and quantize them to perfection.

Part 3: Working with REX Files — Using Structure, find out how to audition and load REX files and create your own unique instrument from multiple files.

Part 4: Adding Bass and Pad — Add the bottom end and some texture to the mix by learning how to use Hybrid™ to lay down bass parts and a synthesizer pad.

Part 5: Creating a Vocal Stutter — Learn to add character to a vocal line by creating a stutter using Structure and a bit of editing finesse.

Part 6: Developing Backing Vocals — To support the vocal track, find out how to easily develop backing vocal parts using Structure.

Part 7: Adding Electric Pianos — Explore more creative avenues by learning how to add a new electric piano part using Velvet™, plus see how to use Pro Tools for real-time editing on the fly.

Part 8: Creating Arpeggios — Using Xpand!, find out how to create a three-part arpeggiated patch using synths and a string pad, and then extend the loops to generate the parts.

Part 9: Tuning the Vocals — Find out how to make an existing vocal track work with your remix by retuning the vocal using the Time Shift plug-in.

Part 10: Adding the Final Touches — Fine-tune your mix by learning how to un-group a region group, add new parts, and quantize sections.

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