Paiste’s 2002 Line Gets Wild!

(Paiste | Posted 2007-07-16)

Paiste’s 2002 Line Gets Wild!

First introduced in 1971 to meet the needs of the then-new sounds of Rock music, the Paiste 2002 line has been a mainstay for drummers that need power and musicality in their cymbal sounds. Throughout the decades since their introduction, Paiste has continually sought to maintain the strong core of the 2002 line while expanding its sound palate to stay current with modern musical trends.

As scores of drummers rediscover the timeless sound of 2002, Paiste continues to see a steady increase in demand for 2002 cymbals, and along with that, a strong demand for additional models in the venerable series.

To answer the need for more choices in the 2002 line, Paiste introduced the “Wild” family of sounds. Beginning with the extremely successful Wild Crash (17”, 18”, 19”, 20”), the Wild Ride (20”, 22”), Wild Hats (14”, 15”) and Wild Crush Ride (18”, 19”, 20”) the line has found many new fans.

Now, with the introduction of the Wild China (15”, 17”, 19”, 21”) and Wild Splash (10”) Paiste has rounded out the line up.

The 2002 Wild series feature aggressive attack with the full, meaty sound that harder playing drummers need. The Wild Crashes have a narrow tonal range with a fairly short sustain and a quick, growling decay. The crashes are very sturdy cymbals that are geared toward aggressive playing. Designed for medium to very loud playing, the Wild Rides have a pronounced, crisp ping over a massive, full wash. A long decay paired with a clear, strong bell make these rides perfect for Rock and Metal playing. For drummers that need a crash/ride that offers incredible volume and a wide, aggressive and complex mix, the Wild Crush Ride is a perfect fit. The Wild Crush Ride is best played with the shoulder of the stick to produce the crushing sound that modern players need. A complex mix and wide tonal range with an icy, sharp stick sound provide the cut for the Wild Hats. With a responsive feel and aggressive mix, the Wild Hats are perfect for Rock drummers. Wild Chinas are perfectly suited for extreme music with their dark, roaring, trashy sound and medium, acidic decay. The odd sizes offer a unique alternative to the modern set up. A crisp, washy attack and the silvery, warm, breathy sound the Wild Splash is great for low to loud volume settings. The Wild Splash’s medium weight and trashy decay make it well suited for all styles of Rock and Extreme music.

Artists playing the new Wild cymbals include:
Tommy Aldridge - Whitesnake
Charlie Benante - Anthrax
Matt Byrne - Hatebreed
Joey Jordison - Korn
Paul Bostaph - Exodus
Mike Ambrose - Set Your Goals
Gas Lipstick - HIM
Matt Letley - Status Quo
Bobby Jarzombek - Sebastian Bach
Jordan Burns - Strung Out
Eric Stock - Stroke 9
Luke Abbey - Riverboat Gamblers
Chris Hornbrook - Poison the Well
Ian Paice - Deep Purple
Stephen Van Haestregt - Within Temptation
Scott Churilla - Super Suckers
and many others...

2002 cymbals are entirely made by hand in Switzerland using traditional methods that have remained unchanged in over half a century.

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