Fender John Mayer Summer Tour Giveaway Under Way!

(Fender | Posted 2007-07-18)

Fender John Mayer Summer Tour Giveaway Under Way!

Fender's online John Mayer Summer Tour Giveaway is now up and running on www.fender.com, meaning that two lucky winners chosen in late August will each receive a very special six-string prize. First, ze grand prize winner will receive John Mayer’s personal master-built CONTINUUM Stratocaster® guitar, which he is playing with great strength and enduring beauty on his summer 2007 tour. Yep, you heard right—the actual exact real-deal genuine honest-to-goodness Stratocaster that Mayer is currently wielding on songs such as “Belief,” “I Don’t Need No Doctor” and others. Normally, you’d drop like six Gs on this baby, but the fact that it’s Mayer’s personal guitar makes it worth, like, um, a whole bunch more. A little luck and it’s yours!

That is, if they can pry it out of Mayer’s hands …

“The problem is that John Cruz—Master Builder John Cruz—made a guitar that’s so great that this one’s really gonna burn to give it away,” Mayer said. “But that’s what makes it fun. This is the one. I’m trying not to get too attached to it.”

The second prize winner bags a totally suh-weet limited edition John Mayer Signature Stratocaster autographed by Mayer. It has a fancy custom finish we call Cypress Mica and a matching custom Incase® tour bag, and it’s worth, like, $2,142.84 or something like that. Nice!

So get busy pressing all those little plastic keys and sign up now for the Fender John Mayer Summer Tour Giveaway at www.fender.com/freestuff/johnmayer/index.html—you have until Aug. 24 to try your luck! While you're there, you can get an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at Mayer's current tour, featuring video footage and interviews with Mayer, his band and his crew backstage, at the soundcheck and more!

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