Korg Releases OS Version 1.5 for Pa800 Arranger Keyboard

(Korg | Posted 2007-07-19)

Korg Releases OS Version 1.5 for Pa800 Arranger Keyboard

Operating System Version 1.5 for the Pa800, Korg's most recent arranger keyboard, has been released. As usual, the new OS is freely downloadable from Korg Italy's web site, and is easily installed by the user. The new operating system includes important new features and enhancements, such as dual MP3 files playback, MP3 recording, Guitar Mode, a Master EQ and direct on-screen manipulation of sliders and knobs - and much more.

Double MP3 Player with Transpose and Tempo Change. Further improving on Korg's XDS Double Sequencer concept, two MP3 files are allowed to start at the same time, as in a double DJ turntable or CD player. MP3 files start immediately, and can be freely transposed, accelerated or slowed down as if they where midifiles. As in Pa1X, both fixed and variable bit rate MP3 files can be read, for the maximum compatibility. This requires the installation of the optional Pa800 MP3 board (available from July 2007).

MP3 Recording. Record anything you play with the Pa800 - or sing with the integrated Voice Processor. This requires the installation of the optional Pa800 MP3 board (available from July 2007).

Guitar Track for Styles. Guitar Mode allows any musician to easily create realistic rhythm guitar parts. Guitar tracks are usually a challenge for every Style and Song writer (possibly even more than the Drums track!) mainly for the completely different approach to the chord voicing, and because of the special instrument technique. Mostly, the results of guitar tracks entered into Styles and MIDI songs are artificial, unmusical playing, often in need of deep micro-editing, preferably using an expensive MIDI guitar. There have been attempts to solve this problem using programs on personal computers. Now the Pa800 offers a unique and powerful approach to programming realistic guitar performance!

NTT improvement. NTTs (Note Transposition Tables) are the sophisticated algorithms that allow Korg arrangers to convert recognized chords into musical patterns. A new NTT Type has been added: NTT FIXED. The new table moves as few notes as possible, making legato lines and chord changes more natural.

Master EQ. A final Master EQ, with Bass, Parametric Middle and Treble controls, is added to the sound output of the Pa800. Everything will be processed by this easy, yet powerful and musically refined EQ, adding a personal signature to your sound.

RX Elements automatically added to the Guitar tracks of SMFs . When editing SMFs in Sequencer mode, a new function automatically replaces the Guitar sound with a high-quality RX Guitar sound. RX Noise Notes are also automatically added to the track. This means that you can transform any flat SMF into an ultra-realistic Song with a real guitar player inside - at the touch of a button!

Touch control on sliders, knobs, drawbars and numeric fields. Don't simply watch - touch them! Now sliders, knobs and drawbar positions can be changed directly by moving them on the touch screen. The same happens with numeric fields: touch them, then push forward to increase the value, pull back to decrease. Oh, and this is also valid for changing Tempo, for the smoothest accelerando and ritardando ever conceived!

Automatic track's unmute when changing track's volume. Changing the volume of a muted track now automatically unmutes it.

Send to Master FX and Pan FX. A simple, intuitive checkbox (named "Dry") can immediately remove the direct, dry signal, and can send everything to the Master FX. The effected signal can still be panned (in stereo FX only) according to the Channel Strip's Pan position.

Track EQ memorized in the Song Play-Global Setup. Track EQ can be memorized in the general preferences for the Song Play mode (they are named Song Play-Global Setup). This will help adapting the Pa800's sound to personal taste for any midifile you will ever play. Need a lighter Bass track? Save the right equalization, and the Bass will stay light with all the subsequent Songs.

Two new recognized chords. Two additional chords can be recognized: the all-important jazz chords Flat Fifth (5b) and Diminished Seventh (dim7).

Customizable color palette. Not happy with the default color scheme? Just choose your preferred one!

OS 1.5 follows on from the powerful options and new OS features released since the introduction of the Pa800.

For more information, visit their web site at www.korg.com.

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