Introducing The Armand Zildjian Cymbal Series

(Zildjian | Posted 2007-07-24)

Introducing The Armand Zildjian Cymbal Series

The Avedis Zildjian Co, the world's leading cymbal manufacturer is proud to introduce a new line of cymbals named for the man who helped guide Zildjian into the 21st Century. The Armand Zildjian Cymbal Series includes nine new models and is based on the popular 19-inch Armand "Beautiful Baby" Ride. This series captures the classic "A" sound of the 1960's that helped define a musical era and includes 20 and 21-inch Rides, 16 and 18-inch Medium Thin and Thin Crashes, 13 and 14-inch HiHats and a 10-inch Splash. All are available in a Traditional finish.

The new Armand Series is part of the "A Zildjian" range of cymbals, but offers its own unique characteristics. New shaping techniques create a slightly lower profile than the current A Zildjians and help to offer a special warm and smooth blend of overtones. Lighter weight specifications promote a faster cymbal response with special lower pitched overtones without loss of projection potential, and a tighter lathe pattern on the top of each model results in a unique feel.

The 20 and 21-inch Armand Rides are medium-thin in weight and offer a sweet shimmering quality of overtones without loss of control or Ride articulation and feature a larger sized cup for excellent bell access. The existing 19-inch Armand Ride features a three-rivet cluster and Armand's signature and "Beautiful Baby" laser etched into the cymbal.

The 16 and 18-inch Armand Medium Thin Crashes contain a robust body of overtones while cutting easily through with a bright and fast response. The 16 and 18-inch Armand Thin Crashes are extra fast, bright and shimmering with a warm full blend of overtones. Perfect for bright and clear accents, the paper-thin weight 10-inch Armand Splash will complement any set-up.

Featuring a medium-thin weight top and a medium weight bottom, the 13 and 14-inch Armand HiHats have a fast response and an articulate cymbal sound with a warm "chick" and are versatile enough for almost any style of music.

During the explosion of rock and pop music of the 60's, the great drummers of groundbreaking bands used A Zildjian cymbals to make their mark. You can hear Zildjian's distinctive sound in the great recordings of that era, from The Beatles to The Beach Boys, from Cream to The Jimi Hendrix Experience, from The Rolling Stones to Chicago. The new Armand Series resurrects those sounds with these exciting new models.

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