With New Entertainment Pack Starter Kit, Operating Clavinova CVP-Series is Easier Than Ever

(Press Release | Posted 2007-07-30)

With New Entertainment Pack Starter Kit, Operating Clavinova CVP-Series is Easier Than Ever

Yamaha Corporation of America, Piano Division, announces the launch of its new "Clavinova Entertainment Pack Starter Kit" for CVP-300 Series models. Packaged into a beautiful custom-made box with a handle, this new accessory collection includes a wide range of useful items to enhance new users' enjoyment of the award-winning, high-tech digital piano, including software, headphones, instructional DVDs and other resources.

The Starter Kit DVD provides an overview of each item within the package, including Yamaha's Clavinova Quick Start DVD. The DVD offers the ideal introduction to the Clavinova's basic features and procedures. Hosted by Yamaha Product Specialists Tom Folenta and Craig Knudsen, the DVD includes live demos and a wide range of information on the instrument's features. The DVD also guides new owners through the operation of Internet Direct Connection (IDC), which enables users to connect and download songs from the Internet directly into their Clavinova's LCD screen, without the use of a computer.

The starter kit covers Yamaha's Watch & Play DVD which discusses fundamental piano music theory, and explores names of notes and keys, as well as the basics of reading music, fingering and hand positioning. It even teaches you how to play a few basic songs. The Starter Kit DVD also features information on two innovative types of Clavinova software. FollowLights™ works with the instrument's innovative guide lamp system to enable users to play right away, even if they've never sat down to a keyboard before. Kooky Karaoke software lets singers have fun by offering a range of vocal options and to modify their voices in ways never before imagined.

"This valuable kit encourages our customers to 'think inside the box' to enjoy the ultimate Clavinova experience," states Clavinova Marketing Manager Jim Levesque. "With the exciting tools and information in this convenient new kit, operating the Clavinova couldn't be easier."

Other topics covered in the package's DVD include "Did You Know?" a presentation about Yamaha's history and technology, as well as select DVD lessons and an informational booklet on Clavinova's USA Edition 3.1 Upgrade, which covers the extra sounds, special preset and registration settings, additional MusicFinder settings, amazing organ and bass settings, LCD enhancements, song files and more.

For those who want to go beyond the initial Clavinova experience, the Starter Kit DVD also offers a series of video clips that highlight additional support tools and services. These include diverse home product training tools, in-home lesson guides and full-length Watch & Learn DVDs, including Exploring Voices, Styles, Effects and More and Exploring Song Playback, Recording, Editing and More.

Information is also offered on two great web services, Digital Music Notebook and My Yamaha Podcast, along with a Clavinova Y-Bucks coupon redeemable at yclubinteractive.com, a new web site which offers additional Clavinova software, Watch & Learn DVDs, microphones and wireless WI-FI adaptors.

The Best Songs Ever Songbook is included in the kit and offers an amazing collection of songs written in Easy Play notation format, which is useful for people learning how to play and read music, as well as for seasoned musicians, and is linked to the Clavinova's easy music set up feature, MusicFinder.

Rounding out the pack is a "must have" Clavinova accessory, a set of Yamaha Stereo Headphones. These are ideally suited for the non-musician, those who have stage fright or those that wish to practice in private. Simply plug the headphones into the instrument's quarter-inch headphone jack and adjust to the desired volume.

For more information, write Yamaha Corporation of America, Piano Division, P.O. Box 6600, Buena Park, CA 90622; telephone (714) 522-9011; or e-mail infostation@yamaha.com.

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