Korg's D888 Digital Recorder is at Home Onstage and on the Road

(Korg | Posted 2007-08-03)

Korg's D888 Digital Recorder is at Home Onstage and on the Road

From roots-rocking jam band Ratdog, to industrial headbangers Static-X, Korg's portable D888 Digital Recorder/Mixer is a surprisingly versatile piece of gear that's finding its way into a variety of uses. The D888 functions as both a rugged 8-channel mixer (with an internal effect processor) and as a digital recorder. Users can record multi-channel live performances then use USB 2.0 data transfer to share recordings with computer-based systems for full editing and final mastering. And unlike other recorders, the D888 records each track as an individual .WAV file, so they are instantly compatible with nearly every computer editing system. But as a few major artists have discovered, it has other uses as well.

"I'm digging the D888 for sure," says Jay Lane, drummer for Ratdog. "I recently started up a new band called The Band Of Brotherz with a few friends of mine. Now, what do you do when you've got a project you're excited about, but don't have the time or energy to recruit a band? That's right, you play to the tape! Getting off beat 'cause you can't hear the jam is the most common problem with playing to a tape, so I knew I would need a click in my ear. But I didn't want the crowd to hear the click, so I needed a multi-track player. Thank God Korg makes one I don't have to pay an arm and a leg for! With the D888's USB transfer I can make two stereo .WAV files of each song on my computer - one with click, one without - and transfer them to the D888. The USB transfer is extremely efficient, and it seems real stable as far as digital recorders go. It's also nice and small, and the display light is perfect for seeing at a gig. Love it!"

The D888 features the kind of all-access, user-friendly controls that will be familiar to anyone who's ever put their hands on a mixer, with a full channel strip for each input. Eight " inputs and eight phantom powered XLR inputs, and individual outputs allow you to use the D888 in nearly any venue. For Wayne Static, guitarist/vocalist programmer for industrial rockers Static-X, it all adds up to the perfect road machine.

"The D888 is very easy to use and is great for making quick demos," Static says. "I also like that it's small and lightweight, so I can take it anywhere."

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