Marshall's Vintage Modern Series a Solid Hit Among Top Players

(Marshall | Posted 2007-08-14)

Marshall's Vintage Modern Series a Solid Hit Among Top Players

With its distinctive black and purple flec coloring, Marshall's Vintage Modern Series -- an all-valve range of amplifiers that combines classic Marshall style and tone with modern features and gain functionality -- has made a serious impact on the music community since its introduction. For many of today's hottest players, that impact has been up-close and personal. Here's what the pros have to say:

"The Vintage Modern sounds @#$in' amazing. It's incredibly dynamic and has got the kind of saturation where all the natural nuances of your guitar still come through. It has a big, warm, smooth, even sound, but the amp doesn't take over - you can actually still hear the string against the fingerboard. That's real important to me and is something you can lose with a lot of amps. I'm really stoked that you guys have made this amp, and I think a lot of other people will be too...thanks Jim!" - Slash, Velvet Revolver

"This Vintage Modern is the ultimate guitar overdrive tool. I have never had so much control over the important elements of my tone." - Paul Gilbert

"If you're looking for that big vintage tone on steroids, the 2466 [100 Watt Head] is the one for you--that's it!" - Doug Aldrich, Whitesnake

"It's a great product and people are gonna be excited by it. Of course, Marshall is the benchmark of rock n' roll guitar amps. I love the purple color 'cause it looks different in different lighting on stage. Sometimes you walk up to it, and it looks black. And then you see it in the daytime at sound check, and it looks purple. It just goes well with the lighting and I love the blue lights. I've been using 'em (Marshalls) pretty much my whole musical career. And they're sturdy." - Ron Asheton, Iggy & The Stooges

"Road testing the 2266 [50 Watt Head] in the middle of tour was great, there was time to get familiar with the small nuances and sudden ease of coaxing fabulous tones. The 2266 was incredibly touch sensitive with the pre-amp and EQ options. Its controls really respond and add drastic color; quite boutique-like. It's got distortions ranging from searing metallic with the detail gain stage, to lava thick overdrive from the body gain stage, or you can combine the perfect amount from both worlds of gain...Amazing!" - Jake Cinninger, Umphreys McGee

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