Ludwig Launches Legacy Classic Drums

(Ludwig | Posted 2007-08-15)

Ludwig Launches Legacy Classic Drums

Developed to create a new range of drums that incorporate the features and benefits of today’s most advanced drum making processes— and recreate the classic tone of the world’s most famous drums— the Ludwig Drum Co. is proud to announce the introduction of Legacy Classic. With their exceptional combination of tone, consistency, tuning range, quality and versatility, Legacy Classic drums are recommended for all live and studio applications and designed to provide players with the superior sound, spectacular looks and cutting-edge performance they have come to expect from Ludwig.

“The history of the Ludwig Drum Co. has been inseparable from the history of drumming for nearly one-hundred years,” explains Ludwig General Manager, Jim Phiffer. “Legacy Classic is designed to both honor that heritage and enhance it.”

At its heart, the handcrafted, American-made Legacy Classic line is based on a new and improved version of Ludwig’s legendary, reinforced 3-ply drumshells. Drums made from this shell style set the standard for a variety of drumming styles throughout the 20th Century and remain highly coveted by both contemporary drummers and vintage collectors due to their magical balance of warmth, resonance and clarity.

Like those original shells, the exclusive Legacy Classic shells are made from thin, 1/16˝ hand-selected inner and outer plies of premium-grade North American Maple and an 1/8˝ cross-laminated North American Poplar core ply. This basic formula is then augmented by 1/4˝ maple reinforcement hoops and rounded, “Class-Cut” vintage-style bearing edges.

In addition to their performance-proven, traditional shell design, Legacy Classic also features newly developed manufacturing methods and strict quality control, along with a host of upgrades, innovations and advantages that only a drum company with Ludwig’s experience and expertise can provide. Equipped with low-mass “mini-classic” lugs, traditional “keystone” badges and genuine Weathermaster drumheads, Legacy Classic is the answer to requests from the drumming community and top Ludwig artists for a state-of-the-art drumset with a state-of-the-art drum sound.

The availability of Legacy Classic drums will be limited due to their handcrafted, labor-intense nature. Initially only two Legacy Classic shell-pack configurations will be offered: 18˝x22˝ bass drum with 8˝x10˝ and 9˝x12˝ rack toms, 14˝x14˝ and 16˝x16˝ floor toms (model #LLC3225XX ) and 18˝x24˝ bass drum with 10˝x13˝ rack tom, 16˝x16˝ and 16˝x18˝ floor toms (model #LLC3424XX). However, the kits will be offered in a wide selection of finish options that include new high-gloss, hand-rubbed Emerald Fade Sparkle (EG) and Rose/Copper Sparkle (RG) lacquers as well as high-gloss versions of all current Ludwig Classic Maple lacquer finishes.

For additional information please see your local authorized Ludwig dealer or go online at Ludwig is a division of Conn-Selmer, Inc., the largest manufacturer of band and orchestral instruments and accessories in the United States and a subsidiary of Steinway Musical Instruments, Inc. To contact Conn-Selmer, write to P.O. Box 310, Elkhart, IN 46515-0310 U.S.A. or visit

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