The Best Of The Best - The Sheraton-II And Joe Pass Emperor-II

(Press Release | Posted 2007-08-27)

The Best Of The Best - The Sheraton-II And Joe Pass Emperor-II

For years the name Epiphone has been synonymous with quality yet affordable archtop guitars. Two fine examples that have stood the test of time and emerged as the best of the best are the Epiphone Joe Pass Emperor-II and the Epiphone Sheraton-II.

The Epiphone Joe Pass Emperor-II

Late guitar legend Joe Pass lends his name to one of our most popular archtops. The comfortable to play Emperor-II is slightly smaller in dimensions than the jumbo jazz-boxes, and features a single trapeze tailpiece for traditional styling and twin Humbucking pickups for unmatched tone.

The Epiphone Sheraton-II

Guitar World Magazine proclaimed the Sheraton-II "A price/performance ratio that seems too good too be true." Well, we're here to tell you... you can believe it! Fully appointed and a dream to play, our renowned Sheraton-II was the weapon of choice by the "Boogie Man" himself, John Lee Hooker. Now you can make your own mojo with the classic semi-hollow body guitar combining the sustain of a solid-body and the warmth of a hollow-body. (Also available Lefty, VS.)

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