Genelec Introduces AD9200A Eight-Channel Analog to Digital Converter

(GENELEC | Posted 2007-10-25)

Genelec Introduces AD9200A Eight-Channel Analog to Digital Converter

Contemporary audio production facilities are currently in transition from analog to digital with Genelec’s DSP monitoring systems on the forefront. While console technology continues to advance, monitor paths have remained largely analog, with only a few manufacturers offering digital audio monitoring output. Environments with such digital capabilities now can integrate seamlessly with Genelec’s DSP Systems. In direct response to those customers who wish to interface conventional analog monitoring sections to Genelec DSP and SE™ DSP systems, Genelec proudly announces the AD9200A eight-channel analog to digital converter.

The AD9200A features eight-channel balanced analog input delivered via a 25-pin DB25 connector wired to the Tascam /ProTools “industry standard” pin-out. Digital output consists of four XLR connections, each carrying two channels of AES/EBU audio. The AD9200A converter outputs AES3 format with 24-bit word length and 192 kHz sample rate, providing the same consistent high quality found on Genelec’s critically acclaimed 8200 Series DSP products.

The Genelec AD9200A Analog to Digital Converter feature set includes:
Number of channels: 8
Analog input type: Balanced DB25 Tascam pin-out
Digital audio format: AES/EBU (AES3)
Word length: 24 bits
Sample rate: 192 kHz
Dimensions H x W x D: 11-1/16" x 19" x 4-1/8" (43 x 483 x 105 mm)
Weight: 4.4 lb (2 kg)

The Genelec AD9200A eight-channel analog to digital converter is currently available with and U.S., MSRP of $1000.00

Genelec, the pioneer in Active Monitoring technology, was founded in 1978 and has concentrated its efforts and resources into the design and manufacturing of active monitoring loudspeakers with unparalleled sonic accuracy. Genelec has been credited with promoting the concept of active monitors, a trend in technology that some manufacturers are just now incorporating into their products. Genelec has a complete line of active main, mid-field, and near-field monitors for application in the music recording, postproduction, project studio, broadcast, TV, and CD mastering markets.

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—For more information on the complete range of Genelec Active Monitoring Systems, contact: Genelec Inc., 7 Tech Circle, Natick, MA 01760. Tel: (508) 652-0900; Fax: (508) 652-0909; Web:

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