Cakewalk® Releases E-MU Proteus Sound Modules for Mac & PC

(Cakewalk | Posted 2007-11-18)

Cakewalk® Releases E-MU Proteus Sound Modules for Mac & PC

Cakewalk, the world's leading developer of powerful and easy to use products for music creation and recording, today releases six Digital Sound Factory E-MU Proteus Sound Modules exclusively for Dimension Pro and Dimension LE. The E-MU Proteus Sound Modules: Mo'Phatt, Proteus 2000, Xtreme Lead-1, Virtuoso 2000, PX-7 Drum Collection, and Planet Earth have been meticulously crafted using the actual sample sound sets found in the legendary EMU hardware units. The E-MU Proteus Sound Modules total over 3,500 immediately useable, go-to sound programs, and when combined with the infinite synthesis capabilities of Dimension Pro, they provide the perfect springboard for custom sonic creations.

Since this is the first time these authentic E-MU Systems sounds are available in software form (not requiring E-MU hardware or interface), Cakewalk is offering a free download of Dimension LE for Mac (AU™, RTAS®, VSTi™) and Windows (DXi (32-bit & x64), RTAS, VSTi), simply by registering any module(s) after purchase. This limited time offer provides users of popular Mac and PC hosts including Pro Tools, Logic, Cubase, Digital Performer, and Live with an opportunity to experience the pristine sound quality, sought-after sounds and, advanced synthesis capabilities only found in Dimension.

Each Digital Sound Factory E-MU Proteus Sound Module contains over 500 patches. Additionally, all customers receive an additional 500 patches upon registering any sound module.

Mo'Phatt is the original Hip Hop sound generator and in this collection you'll find the actual sounds found on countless #1 Rap and R&B hits. Drums, bass, synth leads, pads, hits and more.

The Proteus 2000 represents a vast array of instruments used in film, TV, and commercial scores. This incredible sound set includes custom programs tailored to the needs of composers, and features a wide-range of instruments appropriate for many musical styles.

Xtreme Lead-1 provides a diverse set of cutting edge synthesizers and percussion. Perfect for Electronica, Trance, Dance, and other modern music. Includes synths basses, sizzling leads, drum kits, vocal stabs, and, DJ scratches.

Virtuoso 2000 provides a collection of world-class orchestral sounds: rich strings (sections and solo), woodwinds, brass, and percussion sounds at your fingertips by one of the most revered sound designers in the industry.

The PX-7 drum collection offers eight precisely recorded drum kits and percussion ensembles, which have been meticulously layered and programmed to provide human feel. Kits include Rock, Funk, Jazz, Hip Hop, Swing, Electronica, and more.

Planet Earth offers an amazing collection of authentic world and percussion sound performed by some of the best players of these traditional instruments, with samples recorded at multiple velocities to present the ultimate realism.

Pricing and Availability

The Digital Sound Factory E-MU Proteus Sound Modules for Dimension Pro and Dimension LE are available at select music and sound retailers for $79.00. The E-MU Proteus Pack which combines all the Sound Modules can be purchased at participating retailers for $299.00.

Registered Cakewalk customers can purchase The Digital Sound Factory E-MU Proteus Sound Modules on CD or via download from the Cakewalk online store for $79.00. For more information call 888-CAKEWALK, +1 (617) 423-9004 outside U.S. or visit Cakewalk on the web at

International pricing

The Digital Sound Factory E-MU Proteus Sound Modules for Dimension Pro and Dimension LE are available through Roland and Edirol distribution partners. Europe's suggested street price for E-MU Proteus Sound Modules is €94 RRP inc VAT; U.K. pricing is £59 RRP inc VAT; Existing Cakewalk customers outside the US can purchase direct from Cakewalk or from Edirol and Roland distribution partners around the world.

For localized pricing and availability visit:

Edirol Europe (United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, Austria)
Intelliware Australia
Roland Brazil
Roland Canada
Roland Central Europe (Belgium, France, Netherlands & Luxembourg)
Roland Eastern Europe
Roland Switzerland
Roland Iberia (Portugal, Spain)
Roland Scandinavia (Denmark, Norway, Finland, Sweden, Russia, and Iceland)

About Digital Sound Factory

The Digital Sound Factory was established in 2007 by Timothy Swartz, a 20-year veteran producer of the E-MU Systems and Creative Technologies LTD sound libraries. E-MU pioneered sampling and, subsequently partnered with Creative, revolutionized the computer sample playback industry with its groundbreaking series of soundcards and 'SoundFont' content libraries.

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