New USB-1C Condenser Microphone From Nady

(Nady | Posted 2007-11-21)

New USB-1C Condenser Microphone From Nady

Nady Systems has announced the introduction of their new condenser microphone, the USB-1C. Using the supplied USB cable, the mic connects directly to any computer with a USB 2.0 (or higher) input port for easy plug-and-play operation. The USB-1C is ideal for creating high-quality recordings of vocals, acoustic instruments, and ambient instrumentation as well as podcasting and online communication. The USB-1C features: a large pressure-gradient condenser gold-sputtered diaphragm and fet preamplifiers for warm, natural reproduction of subtle to powerful audio sources; full frequency response with warmth and crisp, transparent audio; minimal self-noise, increased dynamic range, and maximum SPL capacity; and rugged, compact construction with protective mesh grill and internal shock absorption. A 10' USB cable is included with mic. Powerful and versatile, the USB-1C meets the stringent requirements of the most demanding digital recording and live broadcasting applications.

The USB-1C is also available with added optional Sony ACID« Music Studio 7 software. ACID« Music Studio brings your music to life with multitrack audio and midi recording, pro-level editing tools, and over 3,000 ACIDized« loops to use in remixes, mash-ups, and original songs. The new software also enhances music with audio effects such as EQ, reverb, delay, and echo, and adds pan and volume envelopes, reverses audio, and changes pitch and tempo in real time. The Nady USB-1C, used in tandem with Sony's ACID Music Studio, allows you to share music however you chooseŚ burn your own CDS, upload to the web, prepare audio for podcasts, or export to your MP3 player.

The USB-1C is now shipping.

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