Own A Piece of History: Yamaha Announces Sale of Sparkle Snare Drums

(Yamaha | Posted 2007-11-29)

Own A Piece of History: Yamaha Announces Sale of Sparkle Snare Drums

Yamaha Corporation of America, Band & Orchestral Division, announces the sale of custom marching equipment through local authorized Yamaha Percussion dealers. The custom colors featured on the MTS Marching Snare Drums, Gold Sparkle Fade and Black Sparkle are available for the first time to the general public.

The Gold Sparkle Fade was used by the 2007 Cadets, recognized throughout the drum corps community as the leaders in marching innovation for bringing modern music and techniques to the field. After the Cadets began playing Yamaha in 2001, the corps has won one Drum Corps International (DCI) Championship and four DCI High Percussion Awards. The Cadets, based in Allentown, Pennsylvania and have been a consistently top-ranked corps since 1934. In 1972, the corps was a charter member of DCI. They are 22-time finalists and 9-time DCI champions, which gives them more first-place trophies than any other corps.

The Black Sparkle was used by the 2007 Bluecoats, who debuted in 1974 and have been known to integrate swing and jazz music into their compositions. The Bluecoats began playing Yamaha in 2005, when they began placing higher in competitions than ever before. The Bluecoats, based in Canton, Ohio, were founded as an outreach program for the Police Boys' Club. The name was selected to honor their city's retired police officers. The corps finished fourth at the DCI World Championships in 2006.

This special offer includes one 14" MTS Marching Snare Drum in either Gold Sparkle Fade or Black Sparkle with chrome hardware, one battery pack case, one black drum cover, one power drum key, one stadium hardware, one carbon fiber contour hinge carrier, one marching snare mute, one Yamaha percussion jacket and one Yamaha percussion t-shirt. The Gold Sparkle Fade package will also include special Cadets surprise merchandise and one REMO drumhead, autographed by the 2007 Cadets drumline and staff provided by YEA! and one pair of Tom Aungst drum sticks provided by YEA! The Black Sparkle package will also include special Bluecoats surprise merchandise, one Evans drum head, autographed by the 2007 Bluecoats drumline and staff and one pair of Mike McIntosh drum sticks provided by Innovative Percussion.

A limited supply is available and the offer is good until all units are sold. All orders are taken on a first come, first served basis. If interested, contact your local authorized Yamaha Percussion dealer, or find one by visiting www.yamaha.com/dealerlocator.asp. You can also e-mail Yamaha at percussionquestions@yamaha.com, or visit custom marching drums for more information.

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